Yet another phrase from Ralph Camp that doesn’t make any sense.

The Little Big Show is taking the place of this week’s morning chapel. It is a variety show led by Neil Little (Dan Ulrich) and Chevy ‘Big Boss’ (Jon Henry) Callahan, who apparently works at Staples replacing staples in staplers. So, he’s not really much of a big boss….more like middle management employee, if you know what I mean.

Anywho, they have the second most popular show in Tabernacle at the 11:45-12:15 time slot next to some show put on by the Girl Scouts and they’ve agreed to spend the week with us. They’ve had our campers try to make the biggest free-standing tower with three paper plates, danced to a lot of James Brown music and rambled on into the microphone, cleverly poking fun at each other through the whole show.

We took our pictures of our camp and dorms (remember that long speech that I gave; ‘What photo do you want? Crazy Camp? Formal Camp? Crazy Dorm? Formal Dorm? Yeah, those photos.) We also played Ultimate Frisbee on the soccer field with a giant Frisbee.

Chris spoke about how to serve like a loser and how God used Moses to serve the Israelites by leading them out of Egypt. In particular, Chris focused on Moses’ inadequacies and fears, and how God used Moses despite his fears and how He can use us despite our fears and inadequacies.

Our A-Team update is this: the dance hasn’t been choreographed, three shoelaces have been collected, 15 inanimate objects have been befriended, which completes the task, and 530 pushups have been completed.


p.s. The Little Big Show isn’t a real show in Tabernacle. Just FYI.

p.p.s. No animals were hurt in the making of this blog…ever, just in case there was any doubt. Just an Ipad and eight light bulbs. Ask your kids about that one on Saturday.

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