Today starts the beginning of Junior High 2 (aka Ralph Camp, they’re just not willing to admit it. I figure if you have more than 2 Ralphs on the grounds, in a leadership position, it’s Ralph Camp. I believe the number for this week is 4).
Ralph Camp has been one of the most fun weeks of recent summers and, if recent trends continue, it should be a good week.

Oh, and for the record, small is the new big doesn’t make any sense. Just like 50 is the new 15 doesn’t make any sense. But, I choose not to question the Ralphs on issues of not making any sense. We love them anyway.

Our speaker for the week, Chris Low, who apparently thought about going to Asbury Coll-university, spoke about why and how God uses the weak to change the strong. Get it? Small is the new big.

He talked about the A-Team and how he thought he, in high school, was on the Christian A-Team. He spoke about how God doesn’t need the strong to do anything but can use the meek.

In a moment of tom-foolery, Chris made his very own A-Team with some campers filling the roles of the classic members of the real A-Team, including Hannibal, Face, Howling Mad Murdock and B.A. Each member was given a special task to complete by the end of the week; including convincing ten people to give him their shoelaces (Face), naming and befriending ten inanimate objects (Howling Mad), leading five people in a one-minute choreographed dance (Hannibal), and doing 1,000 pushups, with witnesses, by the end of the week (B.A.).

He wrapped up with how David was a little man who was used to do a big thing.

He also had a little issues understanding that there was an Alloway and a Galloway in New Jersey. Yes, Chris, NJ’s a little weird but, we’re lovable anyway.

Have a good night,

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