I unashamedly bring up this picture from our past 🙂

Originally my plan was to have my final blog post on Friday night to wrap up the Camp, but I chose to post today because, well, you’ll find out below.

This blog post will have a little bit of a personal meaning for me. Last night, Katey Bartie returned from California to her former stomping ground of New Jersey. For me, this meant a lot and perhaps, it’s conveniently timed. As the week is winding down and to those who attended Camp Meeting are home reading this, know that you can always come back and you will always be welcomed here, just like Katey was. I’ve left these grounds when it, at least in my mind, seemed premature, and today I’ve heard three people say they weren’t ready to leave yet before breakfast, because of that, I say this: it’s always an emotional feeling leaving, but it’s always a greater feeling coming back, seeing old friends and reliving old memories. With that said, I say goodbye to Camp Meeting 2010. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.


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