Dr. Ronald Smith
Dr. Ronald Smith

An old friend is returning to camp this summer to preach the Word of God at a pulpit he’s preached from many times before.

He grew up in Millville, is the president of Wesley Biblical Seminary and holds degrees from Asbury College, Asbury Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary and  Drew Theological Seminary.

We know him, of course, as Ron Smith and are excited to have him with us for Camp Meeting June 27-July 3.

Here are a few more tidbits about Dr. Ronald Smith from his bio on the Francis Asbury Society Web site:

President Smith has been privileged to speak in a wide arena of denominational settings around the world. He has served as a keynote speaker in a variety of regional and national meetings for denominations and consortiums in the broader Wesleyan world.  Ron has also delivered several distinguished lecture series at different colleges, universities, and theological seminaries, such as the notedThomas F. Staley Distinguished Lecture Series.

Ron’s special burden is for students in higher education.  He and his family have hosted a weekly meeting for spiritual growth and study with college and seminary students for many years.

Ron has served on such boards as World Gospel Mission and the Francis Asbury Society and, for several years, served as Chairman of the Board of OMS International.

He has also written and taught professionally on subjects in the field of the History of Christian Doctrine.  His work has focused on Evangelicalism and Modernity; The Intellectual History of the Nineteenth Century; Forging the American Evangelical Tradition, Perfectionism and Pre-Millennialism; and, The Theological Lifework of Dr. Henry Clay Morrison.  He is currently working on a Pneumatology for the Francis Asbury Society’s Systematic Theology Project.

He has written articles for many denominational and missional publications, and has a special interest in producing substantive theological literature for the Church today.

Ron is married to Dorena (Ritzler) and together they have two daughters, Katie and Laura.

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