Let me start with this: Support all good Christian camps. Help them succeed and spread the gospel like crazy.

JuniorHigh1992Cropped1That being said… You know Delanco is special.

You have your own reasons why Delanco is special to you. (hint – there’s a comments sections down there) For me two things stand out.

JuniorHigh1992Cropped2First of course is all that God has done in me, my family, and my friends through camp. There is no question that the Holy Spirit has radically changed lives, and for that I say thank you Lord Jesus.

“The dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his day, and there may I though vile as he wash all my sins away.”

“The blood flowed and covered me and washed me whiter than snow. I cleansed me so that I could be holy as God is holy.”

The second most special thing for me about Delanco Camp is the way it catches and holds on to people. You know you’ll always be a Delanco person. Once you fall in love with camp, camp won’t let you go. Sure you might need a break after a week or two or a whole summer or twenty summers. But you’ll be back. You know you love it.

4 thoughts on “What makes Delanco Camp special?

  1. Junior High Camp 1992 representing!

    I think what makes Delanco special to me is the way it has nourished my faith and creativity over the years. I doubt I would be where I am in my walk with Christ and in my life in general if it weren’t for my brother’s friend dropping out at the last minute and my mom telling me I could tag along with my big brother to Junior High Camp 1992.

  2. Dave!! So well said. I havent been out to camp in years but here I am following its blog to get any piece of it I can, it’s always a mountain top experience there! Wish I could bottle it for my valleys!

  3. Delanco is special to me for lots of reasons- salvation, spiritual growth, life-long friends, meeting my husband, an avenue to serve the Lord… what I have been appreciating most lately is the emphasis placed on global missions.

    If it weren’t for Delanco- I don’t know that I, (not to mention Josh, Scott and Meg), would have been as open to God’s calling on my life to full-time missions. I praise Him for raising up new missionaries at Delanco Camp. And I praise Him for the missions pray-ers He is growing!

  4. Thanks for sharing that Dave. I really enjoyed this post!

    It is so true that Delanco will never let go of you. There is always a desire to get back out there whether for a retreat, a visit at a camp, by yourself, or via the blog. Of course all of this is because of Gods evident blessing He has put on the camp. Praise God for that!

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