Junior High 1 campers playing a game called paranoid.
Junior High 1 campers playing a game called paranoid.

By Joy Price

Wow! Junior High 1 at Delanco has got to be one of the best camps I have ever been to! I don’t think I ever got a break from all of the excitement we had going on that week.

One of the best parts of the week was our evening services. Most kids who go to Christian camp say their services are boring. But they are definitety not at Delanco! We had one of the best evangelists that week. His name is Mikey Stephens. Over the course of the week, he talked about God’s light and how it can be spread throughout the world.

We had great games over the week. My personal favorite was Pirates, were I got caught so many times my ears still hurt from jumping in the water so much. (For those of you who dont know in the game Pirates if you get caught you have to jump into Lake Agape).

We had a wide variety of activities at Delanco every morning. We would wash up, have devotions, eat breakfast, clean up and go to chapel. Then we would have lunch and free time.  During free time there was always a planned activity for us to do and if you didn’t want to participate you could go swimming, boating, do arts and crafts or play volleyball and basketball.

So if you think you will ever be bored at this camp I will let you know now you never will be.  If anyone really wants to decide on a camp to go to I would definitely recommend Delanco. It is one of the BEST camps around.

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