Kevin Wolf
Kevin Wolf

Years on permanent staff
Years attending Delanco Camp
10th or 11th
High school/college/graduate school/seminary
Asbury College
Home church
Barnsboro UMC
Being Awesome aka Student.
Favorite foods
I’ve tested this. If you put food in front of me, I will eat it.
Favorite music
Favorite movies
Rocky, Indiana Jones, Remember the Titans, Shawshank Redemption, anything with a compelling story.
Favorite sports teams
Dallas Cowboys (be nice, Eagles fans, I know where you live), Phillies, Flyers.
Favorite Delanco Camp memory
*snicker* I’d rather not say.
Do you have a hidden talent?
I can turn my tongue into a clover. Does that count? And I can make the Chewbacca sound.
Why do you want to work at camp this summer?
I missed the experience.
What are you looking forward to most this summer?
The camaraderie.
Name something unique about you that didn’t come up in your permanent staff interview.
I’m secretly the Green Lantern and possess the power to manipulate anything with the powers inside my ring.

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