(From left to right) Ashley, Peg, Christy and Tracy Schnyer in front of Lake Agape a few years ago
(From left to right) Ashley, Peg, Christy and Tracy Schnyer in front of Lake Agape a few years ago

My oldest daughter Christy has attended many, many Delanco camp weeks – if I had to guess it would be close to a dozen times. She has always come back from camp full of stories. Sometimes the stories are about campers who are struggling with their faith, some are about the highly anticipated night games. There have been sad stories, dramatic stories, happy ones and extremely funny stories told to us over the past five years.

I believe the fact that we, as a family have (most days) a good, open line of communication is a result of the positive influences from her connections in the church youth group and Delanco camp experiences.

For me, as her mom, sending her to Delanco is like sending her to an old friend for the week. I know she will be very well cared for, loved, and definitely well fed!! Sure, that first time drop off was tough – but when we came to visit that first week, we were greeted by the happiest kid on earth! I think I missed her way more than she missed me, she was too busy having all of the fun!

For Christy, going to camp is more than just getting out from under the watchful eyes of her parents, (although she must admit, that is fun!). Going to camp is a great way to meet new friends – Christian friends who are not afraid or embarrassed to show their faith.

The counselors and counselors-in-training really connect with the kids; they are young enough to know how these campers feel, what they are going through just being a young Christian in the world we live in today.

Christy has a strong connection to her faith, stronger than I did when I was her age. She talks about wanting to be a counselor one day, mentoring the younger kids at Delanco. I have no doubt that she will be there – helping another in their walk.

-Peg Schnyer

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