sarahherman.jpgHey, it’s Sarah Herman and if you don’t know me here’s a bit about me and my Delanco journeys. Alright, well camp has a long history for me. It started when my brother Tim was in 4th grade and he came to Delanco. Ever since he went I was dying to go. So when summer going into 4th grade rolled around I was finally old enough to go and didn’t hesitate one bit. I loved it from the second i got there and always dread leaving on those early Saturday mornings.

I’m a sophomore now and this summer will be my 8th year attending Delanco and every year has been indescribable. It always makes such an impact on me and gets me re-fueled for the upcoming school year. I can’t count how many weeks I’ve been because i barely ever go just one week a summer. Retreats are always amazing as well. They’re a great chance in the middle of the school year to get your focus back on God if it’s not already there.

I’ve never really thought about a summer where Delanco hasn’t been a priority. Every year my parents ask me if I’m going and it’s almost like “duhh! heck yes!” Each year brings new surprises and adventures and trust me, it never gets old. I have not yet had the privilege of being on staff one week but it is definitely on my list of things to do.

If you have never been to Delanco or aren’t sure if you’re coming back this year, I would strongly encourage you to do so. It is an incredible experience and in my opinion at least, it’s one of the best places for Christian teens and adults to fellowship with other Christians and grow closer to God. Thanks so much for reading. I hope to see you all at Delanco this summer.

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