Delanco Camp Board of Directors has hired our next caretaker, Jake Booz. This position is responsible for the oversight of all buildings and grounds as well as facilitation of off season rentals of the camp. Jake and his wife Summer have moved into the Caretaker’s House and are getting acclimated to life at camp.


We asked Summer to share a little about them as an introduction:

“Jake and I both grew up in Millville, NJ. Jake was raised in First United Methodist and I went to Pilgrim Holiness Church. I attended Cumberland Christian School, but in 8th grade I transferred to Lakeside Middle School, where Jake and I met and became friends. We began dating during college and got married in October 2015. Jake has worked as a car mechanic, a landscaper, a tow truck driver, and a diesel mechanic. While I also enjoy working with my hands, my passion lies in music and children. I taught Spanish at Cumberland Christian for a year and currently work as a music teacher in Winslow Township. Jake and I have always felt closest to God when helping others–whether by doing construction for J.U.N.E. Project, volunteering as a Delanco Camp leader, helping with an oil change, or babysitting. Delanco is the perfect place to serve!

For the past year, Jake and I have been looking for our first house. During this long search, nothing had felt right-so we continued praying. When Jake found out about the Delanco Caretaker position, we both knew right away that this is where God wanted us to be. We both love being outdoors, and our joined teacher and handyman experiences have been preparing us for this stage of our lives. We look forward to serving Delanco Camp and helping lead others to Christ. We are so blessed to become part of the Delanco family and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!”

Hopefully you get a chance to meet Jake and Summer if you have not yet at Spring Retreat, work days, or camp season this upcoming summer. We look forward to seeing God use them at Delanco!