What was the best Christmas present you remember getting? Was it a video game, bicycle, doll or cell phone? Do you remember your excitement and joy when you opened the present and saw that gift that you wanted so much? Do you still have that gift? Maybe you asked Santa for it or begged your parents to get it for you. You waited in anxious anticipation for days or weeks for Christmas morning and that special gift that you were sure to get.

When I was 16 and 17 and 18 I wanted my own car. I was sure my parents would buy it for me. So for three years every Christmas morning the first thing I did when I woke up was rush to my bedroom window and look out to the driveway. I was sure there would be a car sitting there with a big red bow on it just like in the TV commercials. But every year I looked out and there was never a car. I had very good parents who took care of me and gave me many gifts, but that car was never there on Christmas morning.

Israel also waited in anticipation for many years for a special gift. They had been promised a Savior and they expected God to deliver on that promise. But when Jesus arrived as a small baby born to insignificant parents they rejected him because he wasn’t what they were expecting, wishing or hoping for. So they never acknowledged him as the savior God promised.

How do you react when you don’t get exactly what you want or were expecting? If you remembered  the best Christmas present you received can you also remember your biggest disappointment, the present you never received that you had hoped so much for. Maybe even prayed for?

Whether it is an anticipated Christmas present, a new car, a job promotion or other earthly desire we often find ourselves disappointed in our expectations. But we will never be disappointed in God’s promises. God truly knows what is best for each of us and what we need. If you commit your life to him and accept the greatest gift ever given, Jesus as our Savior, he will provide all your earthly needs and prepare a heavenly home to spend eternity with him.

This Christmas season focus on the gifts and blessings God has given us and not on any earthly disappointments you’ve experience. God Bless.


Eric Ulrich has served Delanco Camp as a Board of Directors Member, President for a year, and many years of his current position of Camp Treasurer.