This week, over 11,000 athletes are competing in all kinds of events in Rio, Brazil for the Olympics. It seems, that just for a moment, the world is uniting together for one common goal: to go for gold.

Here at Jr. High II this week, we’re celebrating the Olympics! Dorms are split into countries to compete for medals, and the Tabernacle is lined with flags representing 16 different countries.

One things that Olympians all have in common is that they own their skills and talents. They own it.

This week, we’re looking at how “owning it” translate into the Christian walk. You see, when it comes to faith, it has to be your own. It can’t be your parent’s, your siblings, your friends, your pastors faith. It has to be your own. You’ve got to own your walk with Jesus because that is what He’s calling us to.

As Christians, we’ve got to embrace that God is calling us to give Him everything, not just a little drawer or box in our lives. He wants everything we are and have to offer. 

Just like an Olympian competing in the Games who is filled with pride and joy to be bearing their countries flag at the Olympic Stadium, we should be torches for Christ: shinning His light proudly and boldly to a dark and weary world.