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As a camper at Delanco Camp in the ’90s, there was no better camp than Memorial Day Weekend Camp. Advertised as a reunion camp, it was a way to reconnect with camp friends from Junior High and Teen Camps without having to wait all the way to August.

These were the days before the internet was widespread and cell phones were anything but a big box people with money had in their car to show off so it wasn’t quite so easy to keep in touch with camp friends beyond landline telephones and snail mail.

Beyond the reunion factor, the long weekend made Memorial Day Camp much longer than a typical camp. It was like a miniature week of Junior High or Teen Camp with a mixture of people you knew and people you’d never met.

Many of my fondest memories as a camper and later as a counselor happened during Memorial Day Weekend. Whether it was meeting people like Dink and the VandeVaarst sisters for the first time as a and hearing Prof. Lauter’s Ezra and Arze stories for the first time as a camper or squeezing all of the boys dorm campers and staff into my brother’s Volkswagen Bug, Memorial Day Weekend Camp was where it was at.

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  1. Agreed! Yesterday I was thinking about how I used to spend memorial day weekend out at camp.

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