I don’t know if you’ve ever been part of a foot washing service, whether washing someone else’s or being washed yourself it is a humbling experience. This morning instead of classes we had a prayer walk.

We started in the Tabernacle with writing our own heart song and from there walked, when we were ready, to the soccer field. We then made our way around the camp stopping at different stations. We went from the soccer field, to the flagpole, onto the craft shop, and finally to the Chapel in the Pines. The thing is, most of us did this walk all around camp barefoot. We, like Moses, took off our shoes to walk on holy ground. Now, we have at camp what we call “Delanco Foot” where the dirt and sand turn your feet black and there is no hope of getting them clean until you’re home.

Our final stop was a foot washing station. At first the staff washed the feet of the campers but as they were so led, the campers were encouraged to help wash the feet of the campers. We are blessed with a group of campers who are so willing to serve others that almost immediately the campers started serving. These kids were willing to kneel down in the dirt and wash others’ “Delanco Feet.” Imagine your dirty feet and then one of your peers offering to be in the dirt and clean them for you. It’s such an amazing and touching scene and makes you want to kneel down beside them and help. It helps you context to the people around you on a new, deeper level and it really makes a difference to the person you wash.

More than once a camper said today that the walk was just what they needed. As we walked around today the camp was silent. We went from place to place on our own, in our silence, as one with God. With our souls and hearts at a new peace we could then open up to connect and serve with and to one another. The power of God at camp today was visible and with his power so evident  we know Satan will soon be putting up a fight. I ask that as we continue this week and God’s power grow stronger that you will pray and connect with us as we have one another.

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