Delanco Camp is a unique and life-changing place for thousands of people across the years. It has been the same for us these past four years as well.

Although bittersweet, Carrie and I will be leaving Delanco Camp in June 2013. I have accepted a pastorate in Mississippi at Hollandale United Methodist Church. It will be with a saddened heart to leave camp, but also with excitement as we work through the next part of the journey with Jesus.

The last few years are filled with unforgettable memories of sacrificial leadership, awesome volunteers – the lifeblood of the camp, enthusiastic campers and visitors, and countless others who are incredible partners in ministry to better the lives of people throughout the world.

Indeed, as John Wesley noted and emphasized in the great commission, “The world is (our) parish.” This is indeed the case and our continual calling.

Here is where the road divides for this era. Delanco Camp holds fond memories and will always be a part of our ministry and lives, God willing.

Thank you for being friends and partners in ministry during our time here!

Peace, grace, love,

CJ and Carrie


3 thoughts on “Camp’s caretaker departing to pastor church in Mississippi

  1. Good luck CJ!! I know you’ll do well and the people at your new church are very lucky to get you! God’s blessings to you and your wife!

  2. CJ – I wish you & Carrie all the best as you continue your service to him in another location. Isn’t it SO exciting to see where He leads? I know part of your heart will always be in Jersey with your family & with the Camp. Blest be the tie that binds!

  3. Wishing you God’s blessing – you are in my prayers as always CJ and Carrie,
    God bless you both. Marian Gaum

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