Another No. 1 seed has bitten the dust. Fourth-seeded processed food Lucky Charms defeated traditional breakfast standby Scrambled Eggs with a buzzer beater to advance to the Elite 8 of the Blog Madness Food Fight, joining second-seeded Biscuits & Gravy as the last remaining foods in the Breakfast Region fighting for a final four spot. Biscuits & Gravy beat out sentimental favorite Bacon in a game that despite not being an upset surprised some.

The dream run for the 15th-seeded Salad Bar came to a screeching halt thanks to the sixth-seeded Chicken Parm, which became the lowest seed to advance to the Elite 8 with a comfortable 19-10 win. Chicken Parm will face top-seeded Turkey Dinner, which like Lunch regional one-seed Pretzel Roll Sandwiches had little challenge booking a spot in the regional final.

Pretzel Roll Sandwiches will be in the powerhouse game of the Elite 8 with a match-up against No. 2 seed Chicken Patties. Lunch in the dining hall might never be the same after this one is over. The Dessert/Snack region features a match just as tantalizing between the fifth-seeded Dirt and the the third-seeded Chipwiches. Expect the final score lines to tighten as voters try to make up their mind between even competitors.

As always, vote early, vote often and check back here Sunday to find out what teams will battle for a trip to the final vote at the Delanco Camp Annual Dinner Saturday, March 31.

Elite 8 voting has ended. Go to to vote in the Final Four.

2 thoughts on “Blog Madness Elite 8 Begins

  1. The most stacked regional, the one I had the hardest time filling out, was the Lunch Regional.

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