Name: Andrew Robertson
Nickname: Turtle, Tortoise, La Tortuga
Age: 21
Hometown: Browns Mills, New Jersey
High School/College/Grad School/Seminary: Senior at Eastern University going for a B.A. in Communication Studies with a Media concentration
Years on Summer Staff: This will be my 5th year (’06, ’07, ’08, ’10 previously)
Years attending Delanco: 18 years.
Home Church: Crossroads Church in Shamong, New Jersey
Favorite childhood cartoon: Tommy from the Rugrats, no doubt!
Fondest Camp memory: I have WAY too many Delanco Camp memories, for 18 years, but I will pick one that happened last year and not during the summer….I had the privilege of having a helping hand in Wally’s proposal to Melissa, one evening at camp. The funny thing, I was there for a totally different reason (helping CJ by moving some bunks), and then I found out that Wally was bringing Melissa to camp to propose to her. So before I knew it, I was hanging up lights and hiding around camp taking pictures…and she said, “yes!” so we all celebrated and chilled the rest of the night.
Favorite Camp theme: I don’t remember themes very well and I like them all, but I remember my first summer of summer staff (2006) that Nikki Giberson’s camp was Narnia with snow and Christmas. I actually am not a Narnia fan, but I thought that was a cool theme.
Favorite snack in the Camp store: X-treme Airheads (and you will surely find them in the store again this summer with me in there!)
Favorite devotional book: Devotional Classics
Favorite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11

Why did you want to be on summer staff this summer?
I wanted to return because I love this place. I plan on graduating from college next spring and who knows how many times I will get to be on summer staff again or be out here in general so I am trying to get it all in now and continue to do what I love – serve the Lord, spread his amazing love, and have some fun!

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
I am looking forward to meeting and hanging out with some new names and faces on summer staff, along with some familiar faces! I am also looking forward to growing deeper in my faith and understanding the Bible more (I am a slow reader so it takes time for me to process things when I read so I want to be patience and read the Word over and over again, even if it is the same passage, etc.)

What impact has Delanco Camp had on your life?
Delanco Camp has impacted my life through everything. I came to Delanco as a very young child (3 years old) and having fun playing around this big sand place. As I grew older, I formed everlasting friendships and most importantly – my relationship with Jesus. I have always called Delanco my second home and it is so true. I have the luxury of living about 10-15 minutes away from Delanco so I try to go there as often as I can to remember all that has happened there and all that is going to happen there. It is apart of my life. Delanco helped me (and continues to help) re-shape my faith, my priorities, and my struggles though the years.

If we were to do a reality show about this year’s summer staff, what do you think it would be called?

If you could live in any state and have your dream job, what would they be? I love New Jersey, but my dream job would be working behind-the-scenes at SportsCenter. Their main headquarters is in Connecticut so I guess I would be moving there. I also could be down with working along with the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, 76ers in some media department.

Elevator Testimony:
When my parents told me they were separating and getting a divorce, I didn’t know what to do or what to say, but God wrapped His arms around me and told me that everything will be alright (and it has been)…which is why I love Jeremiah 29:11 because He does know our plan and our future and He doesn’t mean to hurt us, but it is His master plan and you have to understand that!

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