Name: Megan Coleman
Age: 16
Hometown: Pilesgrove, NJ
High School/College/Grad. School/Seminary: home schooled
Years on Summer Staff: This will be my first
Years attending Delanco: 2
Home Church: Hope Community
Favorite childhood cartoon: Liberty’s Kids
Fondest Camp memory: I love the night games. Who wouldn’t like running around camp after dark?
Favorite Camp theme: Narnia week
Favorite snack in the Camp store: orange soda and Mentos
Favorite devotional book: Jesus Freaks
Favorite Bible verse: Mark 11:22-25

Why did you want to be on summer staff this summer? There is no one thing that makes me want to work at Delanco, instead it is a great combination of things. I always loved the feeling of fellowship I had while attending Delanco Camp. The chance to spend the summer in the outdoors also made me very excited.

What are you most looking forward to this summer? I want to be able to introduce Him to people who do not know His love and lead them to Him.

What impact has Delanco Camp had on your life? Delanco was an escape from the world while I was a camper. It helped me focus more on God and less on myself. I loved Chapel and being surrounded by other Christians who all supported each other. Delanco Camp helped me feel closer to God and helped me realize the positive impact that can be made when you are surrounded by people with the same beliefs.

If we were to do a reality show about this year’s summer staff, what would do you think it could be called? Doing the Lord’s Work… It would be an inspirational show on the relentless fight against dirty toilets and peeling never ending piles of potatoes.

If you could live in any state and have your dream job, what would they be? a warm state and a mechanical engineering job

Elevator Testimony: God sent his son Jesus down to Earth to die for our sins. All He asks is for us to have faith in Him and we will be saved. He accepts people from all walks of life, because to Him, we are all the same. We all have sinned. When we ask for His forgiveness, He grants it. Because Jesus has redeemed our sins, all who have faith in God and ask for His forgiveness may enter the kingdom of Heaven.

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