2011 Battle of the Camp Shirts Winner

New Logo Shirts


Kind of like the big tournament, the final game can sometimes be a bit of a letdown in the Blog Madness. After weeks of voting for different match-ups and checking the results on multiple fronts, the wind-down to the final two can be anti-climactic and as we saw in basketball last night, downright ugly.

There wasn’t anything ugly though about the Blog Madness final. It was a classic case of the shiny and new versus the revered classic. It was like, well, last year’s final between Butler and Duke in which the team playing in its first final was a missed desperation shot away from shocking the world.

Unlike in earlier rounds when certain voting blocs arrived en masse to the site to vote, the voters in the final were close to evenly divided enough to make it a close result. Kind of like presidential elections, except without the whole voting for the lesser of two evils thing.

In the end, the new prevailed over the old. But only by a slim margin, as if to say we still love our tradition even if we like the new design better. Last year, the classic game of Bible Smugglers beat out the favorite Pirates. This year, it was the other way around as the New Logo shirt win now gives us a one and two seeds with titles.

Congratulations New Logo Shirt. Be sure to buy one in the camp store if you don’t already own one.

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