This communiqué comes prayerfully with much anticipation and diligence after these past couple months. Under the vision of friends and leaders of the camp, the newly created position of camp coordinator at Delanco Camp Meeting Association brought me excitedly back to New Jersey with a Spirit-led calling, unique opportunities, a pioneering spirit, and broad shoulders upon which to stand: those who have served Delanco Camp faithfully across the years.

After starting in this part-time position on July 1, 2009, and moving into the newly renovated Warchol House, I decided to work part-time for UPS as a driver’s helper to deliver packages. This work came to a hasty conclusion on Dec. 23, 2009, when I was caused to fall as a result of an ice patch during a delivery. Over the next several weeks, we battled life on a ventilator, a skull fracture, a coma, a gastric bleed, double pneumonia, ongoing fevers as high as 105, dehydration, a collapsed lung, a blood clot in my lower leg, a vertebrae fracture, and several other challenges. As a result, after 35 days at Jersey Shore Medical Center, I was flown via medical jet to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Ga., which is known for treating traumatic brain injuries and starting the rehabilitation process.

Along with close family and friends coming to substantial aid, the prayer networks and warriors kicked into high gear. Prayers were offered and answered for speedy healing and encouragement during which time I had seemingly insurmountable obstacles and dreams for the future. My discharge date is set for April 8, at which time we head back to camp. We will continue with outpatient rehabilitation upon our return home. The diligence of several therapists and doctors has paid off, but there is still much to do and lifelong deficits with which to deal.

We look forward to visiting with our friends! In order to keep these visits of the caliber that we would like and to ensure that we are home and available, please give a phone call. We don’t want wasted trips if they can be avoided.

There is still much to do at Delanco as well. Delanco Camp depends on your continued involvement and support of its ministries. Volunteers serve in a wide assortment of opportunities. If there are gifts and graces you have, please clarify and communicate them and we will do our best to get you plugged into the life of the camp. As a reminder, we also have an important and significant ongoing need for specialty contractors who can donate their time, knowledge, and ideas.

The bottom line is … Delanco Camp depends on you!

To make sure this information reaches our record-keeping, please e-mail or visit the Support Page on our Web site (see link at top of this page or click HERE).

We need you to continue and enhance your prayer efforts. At a time when things may seem less dire for this current state of affairs, I humbly request continued diligence in prayer activities during this transition. I look forward to this exceptionally invigorating era of life as I serve in this position. Please continue to pray for the ongoing ministry of this God-breathed creation of Delanco Camp.

Please pray for:

-Transition: during this shift back to camp

-Leadership: including administrative leaders, deans, staff, retreat leaders

-Volunteers: including general knowledge and specialized contractors

-Development: implementation of plans to reach our long-standing ministry goals

Much love and appreciation comes with this update. I look forward to ministering in your midst soon. Grace and peace,

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  1. CJ – After you recover fully, you may want to recap the testimony of how God brought you through the roughest time in your life. You can write these down as a great encouragement to those who are experiencing troubles. You can title it "From Ventilator to Victory."

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