Our third question:

When did you first feel God calling you to go into ministry and was yes your first answer?

kellyhKelly Hallahan, Middler Camp
“When I was 13 I felt God nudging me into missions. And while I didn’t know what that looked like- I gladly told Him I would go anywhere He wanted to send me.”

jeffwJeff Wolheter, Junior High 2
“I felt God speaking to me about going into the ministry during my Junior year at Purdue (spring of 2000). I was engaged to be married and had no idea if God was speaking to Andrea the same way. That summer I went on a 3 week mission trip to Kenya. Before I left I asked Andrea if she had felt God speaking to her about going into the ministry. She said yes so we decided to spend those 3 weeks while I was gone praying about it. When I returned we talked and we both felt that God was calling us to full time ministry and it was at that time we said yes to His call on our life.”

rickycourtRicky Court, Teen 2
“My first answer was most definitely, NO!  And I told God, I do NOT want to wear a robe on Sundays, I don’t like organ music or choirs, and I don’t want to hold hands with old people.  I thought that’s what I’d have to do. Well 20 years later, I’ve still never worn a robe (except for a bathrobe on occasion at home); I still don’t like organ music (is that still played at places?); and only on a few occasions have I had to hold the hand of an old person (and it wasn’t all that bad, I’d do it again). 
I thought God wanted me to be a pastor when I was 17, I didn’t say yes to being a pastor until I was 20, and then I wavered in that decision for a couple years. I gave God a wholehearted yes to ministry when I was 22, and not one day have I regretted that decision.”

cj1CJ Caufield, Junior Camp
“I first felt God’s call into ministry in 1999 and ‘yes’ was not my first answer.”


jdJohn DiGiamberardino, Camp Meeting
“I first felt called to do ministry when in high school. My home church provided me with many opportunities to do many things for the Lord. I have always sought to say yes to the opportunities God has put before me.”

mikeys1Mikey Stephens, Jr. High 1
“It was the summer of my junior year in high school. I attend the V.B.S. service at our church the speaker was acting us what do you think God wants you to do with your future. I thought the answer for a couple of minutes and that’s when I realize that I want to be a youth pastor. After I graduated from high school, I got involved with my church’s youth ministry program. I have been serving in youth ministry for over 12 years now.”

shanesmithShane Smith, Junior High 3
“I was 17 when God called me into ministry. My answer was an immediate, ‘yes.'”


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