The 2008 Permanent Staff on the bridge (not pictured: Becky Kralle)

The 2008 Delanco season has come to an end, but the memories will live on — that’s for sure. God really showed up and changed the hearts of many campers, staff and visitors throughout the summer. Many great friendships were formed that will last a lifetime. 

As a permanent staff, we had many nights of playing Bounce, looking at the stars and go-kart rides. We thoroughly enjoyed our weekends/outings together at FunPlex, Ocean City,  Sharptown, Applebees and just hanging out at camp.

Being on Permanent Staff, we hear a lot of the same worship songs over and over. I challenged myself, and the staff, to really pay attention to the words and meaning of the songs not how many times we heard them. The song “Never Let Go” (by Matt Redman) spoke to me over and over again throughout the summer. It constantly reminded me that God hasn’t and isn’t going to let go of me no matter what circumstance I’m in. It reminded me that not only am I reaching out for God but that God is reaching out for me constantly through the calm and through the storm and all I need to do is hold on. It is a very powerful song.

When I think about this past summer I know that the memories will always bring a smile to my face. It is such a joy to be a part of this ministry with such great people all summer long. I would not have traded this past summer for anything. Praise God for all that He has done!

-Becky Jones, head cook

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