picture-5.pngCan you tell I’m excited about Becky’s upcoming appearance on Jeopardy?

Video interviews and photos of all 15 of the Teen Jeopardy contestants have been posted on the show’s Web site so be sure to check it out here. She’s right there in the middle of the pack on the front page.

In her short video interview, Becky makes it clear who her true hero is.

Way to go Becky! What an awesome witness it will be to have young people nationwide seeing an intelligent young unashamed Christian like Becky compete on national television.

It’s still not clear what day her show or even shows will be airing so be sure to tune into ABC Feb. 11-22 for the Teen Jeopardy tournament. Impress your friends by telling them you shared a bunk, served on staff with or counseled Becky out at Delanco.

One thought on “This is…Becky Kralle

  1. Every one in Pottsville is thrilled that Becky took the time to mention Pottsville during her appearance on Jeopardy.
    Thanks Becky. The city awaits the return of the J.U.N.E Project in August with open arms!
    Mike McGeever

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