stackedsculptureStacked Structure is Brooklyn artist Ryan J. Brady’s first large scale sculpture. His medium is yellow pine, which turns out a sturdy, pungent lumber. The wood has been lightly sanded, treated, and stained in a serious brown tone.

Much of this work was realized on the JUNE Project, a Christian missions organization that serves Appalachia. Teens from throughout New Jersey helped the artist prepare the materials. The sculpture was built piece by piece and stacked one by one, its process key to the work’s significance. The sculpture is even now semi-mobile, for each block, which in turn holds six bricks, sits threaded onto two steel rods in the center of each stack.

Stacked Structure was first displayed at Merrill Park in Colonia, New Jersey. From there, it was transported to the New Dover United Methodist Church in Edison. After two months in the sanctuary of New Dover, the work was brought to Delanco Camp, where it resides in its natural setting near Lake Agape.

In its lake front scene, encircled by tall pines, Stacked Structure is a testament to its creation. Once described by the artist as an “altar’s altar,” the sculpture’s primitive nature and direct gaze face the altar of the tabernacle across the lake, through the flagpole.

Stacked Structure is exhibited on the grounds freely, a gift for all who encounter it. You can find out more about the artist, his work, and contact information at