The Delanco Podcast hit the road for Episode 2, visiting Baltimore (Cockeysville to be exact) in late October to hang out with Jr. High 2 staff veterans Jay Cvach, Sarah Munroe and Jamie Moyer. Listen in as our special guests tell the story of the Delanco game they helped invent called B, perform live and… Read More

Debuting at Jr. High 2 in late July, the Tina Crossley-designed Wompus shirts quickly became a huge hit at camp over the summer. To date, more than 60 of the shirts have been sold, raising close to $400 for the camp. Another order of shirts has just arrived from our friends at Unleashed Designs in… Read More

Sometimes people ask me, in not so many words, why Delanco? Why would I want to spend a week or even a weekend at a camp filled with sand, not the best of accommodations, and out in the middle of nowhere. Its really hard to explain in so many words why I am so involved… Read More

The pilot episode of the Delanco Podcast has been completed. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and tune in monthly for new episodes. On the first episode you’ll find: Music by Alex Younger A top 10 list by Ashley Donegan Word of the Podcast by Faith Ralph And more Tune in and… Read More

“But now in Christ Jesus you who were once far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.” -Ephesians 2:13 For anyone who has participated in serving communion before I’m sure you understand what an awesome responsibility and blessing it is. Not to mention, how overwhelming it is to serve the elements we… Read More

When I was camper, the Xeroxed address list distributed at the end of the week was crucial. Without it, there was basically no way to keep in touch with any of the friends you had made during the week. When I’d get home from a week of camp, sleep deprived as I was, my thoughts… Read More