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Sep. 15,



One of the songs I heard at worship this summer in my visits to camp that has stayed with me is “Sinking Deep” by Hillsong Young & Free. The chorus: “I’m wide awake / drawing close stirred by grace / all my heart is yours / All fear removed / I breathe you in I...

Sep. 11,



For today’s Throwback Thursday photo we’re going back to Middler Camp 2013 and a fun photo from the craft shop that a Jaden Smith poster photobombed. Have an old photo from camp you’d like to share on Throwback Thursday? Email it to

Sep. 8,


It’s been a few weeks since camp ended and school is back in session so it’s a good time to look back at the summer for this Music Monday selection and share the song that was the most sung at worship this summer. There were more than 60 songs sung this summer by the various...

Aug. 21,


Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 2.41.42 PM

Here’s a Throwback Thursday gem courtesy of, which has a Fletcher Grove Camp Meeting (the original name of the camp when it was founded in Delanco) for sale for $11.95. If you’re doing the math, that makes the postcard 108 years old and means the camp had only been around for eight years when...