A former summer staff member who was the pastor of two United Methodist congregations in Kentucky went home to be with the Lord last week. Brent Arn, 46, of Hazard, Kentucky, spent one summer in 2007 working on summer staff as a chaplain and kitchen employee while he was a seminary student at Asbury Theological… Read More

Do you love camp, want to serve the Lord and need a summer job? Consider applying for summer staff. Follow the links below to get the 4-1-1. 2017 Summer Staff Information Return applicants email rich.dugan@delanco.org to inquire.… Read More

It’s never too early to plan for the summer. Registration for all 2017 camps and retreats is now open. The costs are the same as in 2016: $95 for retreats (the five-day Camp Meeting included) and $325 for week-long camps. The schedule: Spring Retreat: April 7-9 Camp Meeting: June 30-July 4 Junior Camp: July 9-15… Read More

It’s November, which means International Wear Your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day is almost upon us again. This year’s event will take place on Tuesday, November 15 and as it was last year, the event is sponsored by Summer 356 and It’s A Camp Thing. To participate, wear your favorite Delanco Camp gear on November 15, take a… Read More

Middler Camp will be going crazy for Lego July 19-25. The theme for the week is Delanco DeLego.… Read More

Today is day 38 of our 50 Years at Lake Agape and countdown to the start of Camp Meeting. Click here to read other articles. As a camper at Delanco Camp in the ’90s, there was no better camp than Memorial Day Weekend Camp. Advertised as a reunion camp, it was a way to reconnect with camp… Read More

Editor’s Note: Today is day 39 of our 50-day countdown to the start of Camp Meeting and our series of articles celebrating 50 Years at Lake Agape. The following article was written by the Rev. Gary Turk for the camp’s centennial in 1998. Click here to read other articles. My memories of Delanco Camp begin in the… Read More

Editor’s Note: Today is day 41 of our 50 Years at Lake Agape countdown. Click here to read the other articles. Ever since the time when as I camper I saw staff members bust into the dining hall dressed as The A-Team – Wally as Murdock, Thad as Hannibal, Jim Schroeder as B.A. Barracus and Jake… Read More

Today is Day 44 of our countdown to the start of Camp Meeting and our celebration of 50 Years at Lake Agape. If you’d like to contribute to this series, please email blog@delanco.org. I didn’t realize just how important the old gazebo was at camp until it was torn down in 2009. Maybe it’s the… Read More