My wife, Leah, was recently reading through the latest edition of Magnolia Magazine. The theme for the issue was “Wonder.” That word has stayed with me over the last couple of weeks and has shaped how I’ve been navigating this Advent season. Wonder is something that often escapes me. I like to be in… Read More

Leah (Palamaro) and I met at Camp in 2006. We had both been attending camp since we were little kids, but had somehow managed to miss each other until that fateful summer. Leah was the horse wrangler and I was a counselor. Leah freely admits that she almost immediately developed a crush on me, but… Read More

What’s your favorite commercial on right now?… Read More

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Traditionally, we celebrate Advent in the weeks prior to Christmas. We take time and make conscious efforts to slow down and wait. We wonder what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph as they anticipated the coming of the promised Jesus. In a world where Christmas music can be heard weeks before Thanksgiving… Read More

In today’s world, salvation is offered in many forms. Everyone has a product to sell and they all claim that their product will save us. A phone that will make us more popular, clothes that will make us look cooler, or a drink that will give us the energy we need! On a daily basis… Read More

Lent is a time to give up in order to receive. We let go of hindrances that hold us back in our relationship with Christ, in order to move closer to Him. Lent is a time to listen to God. Through the above readings there were a few different themes that stood out. At the… Read More